Roof Replacement in Middletown, Ohio

Temporary roof leak mitigation and then roof replacement on Middletown Eaton Rd

Project Cost: $$$
Time To Complete: 5+ Hours

Project Description:

When the charming homeowners of a Middletown residence noticed signs of water damage to their roof, they turned to us for a reliable solution. Our thorough inspection revealed significant moisture intrusion that had compromised the integrity of the roof sheathing. After discussing potential remedies, the homeowner opted for a comprehensive approach to ensure long-term durability and compliance with local building codes.

Our Solution

We proposed three tailored options to address the situation:

  1. Local Repair: Fixing only the affected area to mitigate water damage quickly.
  2. Partial Replacement: Renewing the front part of the roof where damage was most extensive.
  3. Complete Overhaul: A full roof replacement including new sheathing throughout to meet current building standards.

The homeowner chose a complete roof overhaul, recognizing the value in fortifying their entire roof against future issues. Our team swiftly mobilized to replace the old roofing with high-quality materials, ensuring every component from the underlayment to the shingles was installed with precision.

Project Results

The new roof enhances the home’s aesthetic appeal and significantly boosts its protection against the elements. Our commitment to quality and adherence to updated building codes have provided the homeowner with peace of mind and increased property value.

Customer Testimonial

“I’m incredibly happy with the new roof! The team was professional, the work was top-notch, and the results speak for themselves. Seeing how great the roof turned out, I think that I will do the new gutters and fascia sooner rather than later. I highly recommend these guys!”

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